Announcing AccessLint GitHub App

Friends, we invite you to use the new AccessLint GitHub App. It finds accessibility issues in your Pull Requests, and let's you know right away. The integration with GitHub makes installation quick and easy.

AccessLint identifies missing alternate text in a Pull Request Review

Why you'd use AccessLint

You care about digital accessibility, and you want automated code review in your GitHub workflow. Maybe you've fixed some issues already, or maybe you want to chip away at issues over time. Either way you want to prevent new issues from here on out.

What it does

AccessLint adds accessibility to code review. This means quick and timely feedback that's specific to what you've changed. That way, you can stay focused and accountable to the issue at hand, while still moving fast.

Here's what AccessLint gets you:

  1. Quick, timely, and targeted accessibility feedback, before code goes live.
  2. Accountability to fix issues you've introduced right now.
  3. Flexibility to fix existing issues over time.

How it works

AccessLint is super easy to install, and there's no setup. Pick which projects you want reviewed, and AccessLint kicks into action. The next time you open a Pull Request, AccessLint reviews it for issues and adds comments to the code.

Right now, AccessLint supports checking for missing image descriptions and missing form labels, in the following templating languages:

  • Haml
  • HTML
  • ERB/Rails

Add AccessLint to your GitHub (it's free!).