What GitHub permissions does AccessLint require?

AccessLint requires the following GitHub project permissions for installation:

  • Read access to repository contents
  • Read access to metadata
  • Read and write access to commit statuses
  • Read and write access to issues
  • Read and write access to pull requests

Repository Contents (read only)

AccessLint uses the Repository Contents permission to access files in your repository related to a Pull Request. We need to see contents of the change you've made in context of the surrounding code to help us identify accessibility issues. We access only the files that you change in a Pull Request, and only during the lifecycle of that Pull Request.

Metadata (read only)

All GitHub Apps require the Repository Metadata permission .

These permissions are a collection of read only endpoints for accessing metadata for various resources that do not leak sensitive private repository information.

Commit Statuses (read & write)

We use the Commit Status permission to set and update status indicators for your Pull Requests.

Issues (read & write)

We use the Issues permission to create reviews and associated comments on your Pull Requests.

Pull Requests (read & write)

We use Pull Requests permission to listen for new Pull Requests and assess those changes for accessibility issues.

Visit GitHub’s developer documentation for more details on access these permissions give.